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We have developed and implement information, security & quality management systems

The management of Personal Security SA is committed to developing and to implementing international information security management standard EN ISO 27001: 2013, quality management system standard EN ISO 9001: 2015, environment management system standard EN ISO 14001:2015 & implement health and safety management system at work EN ISO 45001:2018 and to continually improving the company’s effectiveness.

The company’s goal is to continually increase subscriber satisfaction and, to this end, it ensures we look carefully into all their requirements, establish exactly what their needs are and then go on to meet them.

The proof of our commitment to this is:

(a) Continuously communicating to all staff members – through training programs, corporate and / or departmental meetings, adoption of international operating and management standards, and other methods – the importance and necessity of:

  • Meeting the requirements of all professional security system installers
  • Meeting the needs of all subscribers (including affiliates)
  • Compliance with International Regulations and Legislation (GDPR)
  • Respect for and adherence to the codes of practice

(b) Developing the company’s safety and quality policy

(c) Developing environment and health & safety at work policy

(d) Establishing quality targets and establishing methods to ensure they are reached

(e) Conducting regular reviews of safety & quality management standards

(f) Providing the necessary staff, resources and funds to carry out the company’s operations

ISO Certifications

  • We have developed and implement an EN ISO 14001:2015 compliant for the environment
  • We have developed and implement an EN ISO 9001:2015 compliant quality management system
  • We have developed and implement an EN ISO 27001:2013: information security management system
  • We have developed and implement an EN ISO 45001:2018 compliant for health and safety at work
  • All telecommunications infrastructure for our alarm services are entirely supported by the new Fibre Optic DSLAM