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Advanced alarm signal reception technology.

The Personal Security Alarm Receiving Center supports all communication protocols (Ademco Contact ID, SIA, FBI etc). The centre is compatible with, and able to download images from, all the DVRs available on the Greek market. It is also possible to simultaneously record and store an event on the company’s servers. We operate both telephone receivers and IP / GPRS to receive the alarm signals.

The company’s computer room has 12 telephone receivers, and equipment for receiving and processing IP/GPRS signals including Paradox, Satel, Global M2M, Trikdis, Artion, Sigma, Caddx, DSC, Crow – IAAP & Crow Runner 864, Jablotron, Inim, Vision, Ksenia, Resolution, AMC, Vesta and AJAX. These support fail-over as, in accordance with the operational philosophy of the entire centre, they are all duplicated, both at the level of servers – workstations and at the level of internet equipment (switches – routers – firewalls.).

The receivers for the Dual – Path system, which we operate exclusively for banking organizations, also play an important role.