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Our services

Our services

High quality security services

Personal Security provides a range of state-of-the-art security services that meet the needs of modern everyday life. The Alarm Reception Centre operates 24-hours a day throughout the year, meaning that our subscribers can be sure of an immediate response to any alarm.

Our station manages and takes immediate action on receiving any of the following urgent alarm signals:

Burglar alarm

When the signal is transmitted, the Police Emergency Line (100), or the local Police Department for areas outside Athens, are immediately alerted by telephone. The subscriber and the contact help numbers he has given us in writing are also contacted. The signal tells us exactly where the break-in has happened.

Fire alarm

If a dedicated fire detection system has been installed, the fire service and the subscriber are notified by phone immediately it is activated and are told where the fire broke out.

Personal danger alert

If we receive a personal danger alert (activated by pushing a special button), the on-site alarm remains silent and the Police Emergency Line (100), or local Police Department alerted if this is an area outside Athens, are contacted.

Medical alert

If we receive a medical alert (activated by pushing a special button), all the phones that the subscriber has notified us in writing are immediately informed.