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Alarm and Image Reception Centre

Alarm and Image Reception Centre

Alarm and Video Receiving Center

Personal Security’s Alarm Receiving Center operates non-stop 24 hours a day, receiving signals from alarm systems which have been installed by professional installers in homes and businesses throughout Greece.

The Personal Security Alarm Reception Centre has a network of multiplexers, servers and computers that operate with specialized software, so that the company’s experienced and specially trained staff can handle all the signals it receives fast, accurately and responsibly.

The telephone lines that carry the signals from the subscriber’s alarm systems are fibre optic – digital, while with an IP / GPRS connection it uses a VDSL line network directly from the company’s optical DSLAM. This minimizes any communication losses or problems and eliminates signal transmission time between the alarm system and the Alarm Reception Centre.

Summary of the services which can be provided by the Alarm Reception Centre:

  • When a Burglar Alarm is received, the centre can tell which specific zone of the protected area it originates from.
  • Alarm expiry signal.
  • Alarm system activation and deactivation via user recognition.
  • Personal danger alert
  • Medical alert.
  • Fire alarm.
  • Telephone line checked to ensure it is working correctly (TEST).
  • Signal is reset or restored after a problem on the phone line.
  • Alarm signal sent if someone is making attempts to enter the password into the keypad.
  • Alarm exclusion zone signal can be set when activating the alarm.
  • Exceeding alarm consumption threshold or disconnecting the alarm.
  • Problem or short circuits in the alarm zone cables
  • Auxiliary output consumption limit exceeded (radar power supply)
  • Problem or power failure (220V) and reset.
  • Check on system battery status every 24 hours. Notification if battery is running low or disconnect and reset or reconnected.
  • Real time loss of the central unit and rescheduling.
  • Client Sent statuses showing signals received by the station from the alarm system
  • Subscriber informed if the system is not activated after working hours.
  • Subscribers can be notified if the alarm is disarmed outside working hours

Depending on the nature of the signal, operators will immediately take the necessary actions, such as: in case of burglary:

  • Police emergency service is notified (100)
  • Subscriber and anyone he has nominated as a contact are notified.