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Visual confirmation service

Visual confirmation service

Compatibility with all the types of loggers in the Greek market


The visual confirmation service provides the operators at the Alarm Receiving Center a visual contact with the secured area through an internet connection.

Once the closed TV circuit – CCTV – is connected, the necessary adjustments are done on the recorder (DVR) installed in the area so that the Alarm Receiving Center can have access to it either in cases of an alarm signal is received, in this case a picture of the hacked site is automatically displayed, or to perform an electronic area scanning using the cameras at regular time intervals.

In this way, the Alarm Receiving Center has the capability to make a visual confirmation in case of an emergency signal and to either proceed to the necessary actions or to prevent a malicious action noticed by the operator through the electronic scanning.

The visual confirmation service is activated following the permission and approval of the owner of the insured site, who is also the directly liable for the content and the visual coverage of the installed CCTV as well as for the access level from the Alarm Receiving Center.

Keeping into consideration the above mentioned, we can realize the advantages of the visual confirmation service. Briefly:

  • Immediate verification of the seriousness of the received signal.
  • Reliable evaluation of the incident.
  • Accuracy and speed in handling.
  • More accurate notification of the authorities (Police – Fire department – Ambulance).

The Alarm & Video Receiving Center of Personal Security is compatible with all the types of logging systems in the Greek market, while in some cases, by using a specific hardware, it is possible to download a live recording of the incident on the company’s servers so that there is a recorded event even if the DVR in the secured area is destroyed.